About Us

Linda Adams first caught the love for baking in high school. The love ran so deep; she eventually opened up her own bakery, party, cake, and candy supply store. Her passion was apparent in every cake she produced; leading to the success of her bakery for over 20 years.

In 2007, she decided to retire and sold her store, but the love for baking never left her. She would still bake regularly and would sporadically take on a few projects from former customers.

In 2011, her daughter-in-law, Jenny Adams, was visiting when Linda asked her to go shopping for some baking supplies. The trip to pick up the supplies was an hour away, one way. On the way back, a discussion between the two ensued about the limited availability of cake and candy supplies in Cumming, GA. Thus, the idea was born for the two of them to open up their own cake and candy supply store in Cumming, GA.

Jenny was active duty Air Force at the time, so the dream of opening up their own store was put on hold until her enlistment was up in 2015. Now, as an Air Force Reservist, she and Linda are pursuing that dream of opening up their own cake and candy supply store.

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